Sunday, 17 June 2012

Monty and My First Commission...

Well hello again.

A first for anything is always rather exciting isn't it?   In this case it was my first ever portrait commission - a painting of a rather lovely chap by the name of Monty.  His girlfriend Sus, whom i met at an art class in Edinburgh, very kindly asked me if i would be interested in painting his portrait, which i most certainly was!

I started by doing some initial sketches of Monty over at their house and taking some photos. I then went away and did this color study on the Ipad as a practice run before getting the oils out.

And here's the final painting. It was done with Alkyds on canvas ( 24x20 Inches Windsor&Newton deep frame canvas).

Monty - 24x20 inches. Alkyd on canavs

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