Thursday, 7 March 2013


It feels like ages since i've been to a life drawing class.  Last weekend i met up with my drawing buddy, Marten, who i also hadn't seen in ages.  We decided to head to the Whitespace class in Edinburgh. Both of us really enjoyed it. I'll be going back soon for sure.

Done on Ipad using Procreate app.

Here's a little one i did at the class on the Ipad. First time i've used the Procreate app.   Very impressive, i must say.  Intuitive to use.  Feels like a slightly evolved version of Brushes, ( though sadly lacks the playback feature ).

If you're wondering about the colour swatches, i was thinking about James Gurney's colour gamut mapping as i was doing this. His 'Colour and Light' book is amazing.